Events 9th of March

As you all know, this thursday (7th of March) we will be 1 year.
This we have to celebrate ofcourse! There’s no better way to do this as with events!
So on Saturday 9 March at 8:15PM CABAL TIME the events will take place.
[Type /time in the chat to view CABAL TIME]

The following events will be:

Tomb Raider is a Team game. Two teams are going to do a race against the clock. the team who finnish the chosen dungeon by your Guildmaster as fastest wins. Every team must be balanced. This means, if one team got a Wizard, the other team MUST have one too. To participate you have to give the entry fee (2.5kk) to Daan, your Guild Master.
Also, you pay your own dungeon entry. the dungeon will be chosen by the Guild Master.
If you are in low budget you can also use your Free Daily entry. A judge will join the Dungeon without doing anything to observe
Ofcourse the teams can keep their drops.

PS: We are not responsible for DC’s

To enter Roadrunner, you must pay an entry fee. (2.5kk)
The Guild Master will decide a parcour and Judges will control the whole parcour (parcour will be annoucned). Dash/ Fade step are allowed, Blink NOT!

Knowing the Hide and Seek event well here is your chance to get undetected. The judges will tell you in which map you have to hide and start counting to 100. You aren’t allowed to leave the map. The one who is found last will win. You are allowed to move, but is it worth the risk?

And last but not least,
-LOTTO !!!
Once the warehouse contains a nice amount of alz, the lotto will be played. All players who played at least one of the Guild games during one of the events, will be able to join. It’s very simple, you need to pay to join an Guild game. as you know, 80 % goes to the winning team, and 10% goes to the Guild Warehouse. So the more people join, the bigger the jackpot!
At the time the lotto will be (will be announced on time), all players come together. Every player rolls only ONE time. The player who LOTS the highest number wins the jackpot!
Will you be this lucky person?!

For any further questions leave a comment below!



Hello Members of Onyxian!

This website is ment to build communication between eachothers and to make it more fun to play!
Also, new things which will happen around the guild will probably be announced here in first case.

I try to keep the website up-to-date as much as I can! but I can’t promise anything. If you got some idea’s, just tell me! And remember. every idea is good !